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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commerce and Trade News Releases

27/10/17 Prime Minister Gonsalves’ Independence Day Message

12/10/17 Diplomats Gather in Belfast for First Diplomatic Dinner

02/09/17 Scottish Fair Trade Conference and AGM 2017

24/08/17 Windies to Bring The Colour to Belfast

07/08/17 Vincy Soca Artist Launches New Video

24/07/17 West Indies vs Ireland Cricket in September 2017

26/06/17 Northern Ireland’s DUP and Conservative agreement

19/06/17 Northern Ireland achieves Fairtrade region status

17/06/17 World Sickle Cell Day 2017

11/06/17 Jamaica in the 21st Century book launched in Northern Ireland

17/05/17 Borough achieves Fairtrade Status!

10/05/17 Council to Celebrate Fairtrade City Status at Balmoral

08/05/17 Consular Corps Co-operation Ireland Diplomatic Dinner Launch

25/04/17 Rory McIlroy and wife Erica Stoll honeymoon in Canouan

13/04/17 Vincy Chocolate for HM The Queen's Easter Egg

11/03/17 “Vincy” Representation at International Cultural Day

10/03/17 Council Promotes Fairtrade at Schools’ Event

09/03/17 Nicaraguan Fairtrade Producers Tour Northern Ireland

28/02/17 Nicaragua to Nendrum

28/02/17 Fairtrade Fortnight Celebrated at Westminster

20/02/17 Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 Festival Launched in Northern Ireland

14/02/17 Lisburn & Castlereagh Seeking Fairtrade City Status

24/01/17 TV Licensing Helping Non-English speakers in Northern Ireland with iPlayer Law Change

29/11/16 Caribbean Consulate Honours Local Council Contribution to Baseball

26/11/16 SVG Diaspora Mapping Project Launched in the United Kingdom

26/11/16 Prince Harry Visits St. Vincent and the Grenadines

13/11/16 Remembrance Sunday 2016

27/10/16 Vincentian Celebration of 37th Independence Day

14/10/16 Vincentian Consul Receives Award for Baseball

09/09/16 Glasgow Host Fair Trade Nations

29/06/16 Forum on Race, Justice and Reparations Held at Queen’s University Belfast

31/05/16 Sports Diplomacy Initiative Leads to 1st Purpose Built Baseball Diamond in Northern Ireland

27/05/16 Fairtrade Benefitting Caribbean, Latin American and African Farmers

16/05/16 NILGA Briefs Consular Association of Northern Ireland

04/05/16 Vincy Soca Artist Recording in Belfast

23/04/16 Vincentian and Caribbean Nationals Star in Belfast Tempest

21/03/16 Belfast Hops into Easter with Fairtrade Chocolate

29/02/16 All Party Group on FAIRTRADE Launches Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

29/02/16 Belfast Successfully Renews “Fairtrade City” Status

18/01/16 Consular Briefing with Justice Minister and PSNI

14/12/15 New Cabinet in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

12/12/15 Caribbean Nationals Honoured at Gala Awards 2015

08/11/15 Remembrance Sunday 2015

07/11/15 Vincentians Celebrate Independence in Northern Ireland

24/10/15 United Nations (UN) Day 2015

07/10/15 SVG Consulate Receives Further Donations of Cricket Equipment

15/08/15 Caribbean Week - One Love Festivities Officially Launched in Northern Ireland

03/08/15 SVG Consulate Receives Donation of Youth Sporting Equipment

13/06/15 Prime Minister Gonsalves Addresses Vincentians in Reading

28/05/15 Schengen Visa Waiver Agreement for Vincentians

30/04/15 SVG Establishes Diplomatic Relations with Ireland

28/01/15 Prime Minister Gonsalves Delivers 2015 Budget

27/01/15 2015 Northern Ireland Holocaust Commemoration

18/12/14 ‘Welcome to Fairtrade Belfast’ signs unveiled by Lord Mayor and SVG Consul

11/11/14 SVG Consul Marks National Day of Remembrance for Vincentians

09/08/14 Caribbean Week One Love Festival Officially Launched in Northern Ireland

04/08/14 Caribbean Week 2014 & One Love Festival Billboard Launch

14/07/14 Team SVG Named for Commonwealth Games 2014

14/04/14 Lord Mayor Hosts Reception to Recognise Caribbean and African Diaspora

14/03/14 Consular Corps of Northern Ireland Mourns Death of Lord Ballyedmond

10/03/14 Ards ‘Makes History’ – Commonwealth Day 2014

04/03/14 Fairtrade Accreditation for Northern Ireland Tops the Agenda

04/03/14 Belize and El Salvador Fairtrade Producers Visit Northern Ireland

24/02/14 Belfast Zoo Goes Wild for Caribbean Fairtrade Bananas

03/02/14 SVG Consul Retains Northern Ireland’s Fairtrade Status for the Caribbean

20/01/14 Prime Minister Gonsalves Delivers 2014 Budget

27/12/13 St. Vincent and the Grenadines Storm Flood Disaster Appeal

14/12/13 Belfast Service to Remember Life of Nelson Mandela

29/11/13 Ards Borough Council & Ards Intercultural Forum EU Peace III Review

10/11/13 SVG Consul Marks National Day of Remembrance for Vincentians

09/11/13 Belfast Aviators 2013 Softball Club Awards

31/10/13 Caribbean Teams Come to Northern Ireland for International Netball Festival

25/10/13 SVG National Economic and Social Development Plan 2013-2025 Launched

05/09/13 SVG Consul Meets HRH The Earl of Wessex at Hillsborough Castle

10/08/13 Northern Ireland Basks in Caribbean Sunshine – CaribbeanFest 2013

01/08/13 Caribbean Athletes “On Fire” at the World Police and Fire Games 2013

17/06/13 USA President and First Lady Visit Northern Ireland

16/06/13 PM Gonsalves Receives Award from UN Food and Agricultural Organisation

16/06/13 Dragon Boat Festival 2013

23/05/13 International Development Awards 2013

23/05/13 Ards Intercultural Forum Marks Community Relations Week 2013

20/05/13 Consular Corps Hosts Arts Council of Northern Ireland and WPFG 2013 Officials

25/04/13 Prime Minister Gonsalves Addresses Vincentian Diaspora in High Wycombe

14/03/13 African Caribbean Community Launch Strategy at Stormont Parliament

12/03/13 NIABT Briefing on Fairtrade and Corporate Social Responsibility

11/03/13 Castlebawn Tesco Fairtrade Community Engagement

08/03/13 Egyptian Society Marks International Women’s Day 2013

08/03/13 Queen’s University - McClay Library Staff “Takes a Step” for Fairtrade

28/01/13 2013 Northern Ireland Holocaust Commemoration

15/12/12 African and Caribbean Christmas Gala and Awards

12/12/12 Four Vincentians Receive Rank Promotions in Northern Ireland

08/12/12 SVG Consul Address at International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

03/12/12 Consular Corps NI Luncheon with Northern Ireland Prison Service

30/11/12 Belfast Aviators & Jets 2012 Softball Awards

26/11/12 NIABT Delegation European Programme

27/10/12 Vincentian Diaspora Independence Celebration in Northern Ireland

26/10/12 SVG Prime Minister Addresses Vincentians in London – SVG Independence

26/10/12 Prime Minister Gonsalves’ Independence Day Message

25/10/12 Vincentian Soroptimist Delegation at Northern Ireland Conference

23/10/12 US Secretary of State SVG Independence Day Greetings

06/09/12 SVG Consul Meets HRH The Duke of York at Hillsborough Castle

28/08/12 Consular Corps Donates Books to HM Prison

23/08/12 Consular Corps Luncheon with North South Ministerial Council

08/08/12 SVG Showcased at Expo-Nations 2012

06/08/12 Jamaica Celebrates 50 Years of Independence in Northern Ireland

20/06/12 Northern Ireland Assembly and Business Trust Delegation to Irish Parliament

19/06/12 SVG Consul Presents House Trophy at Andrews Memorial Primary

14/06/12 Vincentian in Northern Ireland Reads Nanton’s Poem for BBC

08/06/12 PSNI Hate Crime Poster Competition

07/06/12 Northern Ireland Raises Funds for St. Vincent Fairtrade Banana Farmers

29/05/12 Vincentian Business Excellence Awards 2012

28/05/12 Ant and Dec Play Royal Portrush Golf Club

23/05/12 Consular Luncheon with Senior PSNI Officials

18/05/12 Ards Intercultural Forum Marks Community Relations Week 2012

16/05/12 SVG Consulate Receives Donation of Sporting Equipment

25/03/12 Dr Thompson Updates Vincentian Diaspora on Argyle International Airport

23/03/12 Glengormley Integrated Primary School Learn About Fairtrade

21/03/12 American Film Director Peter Byck Visits Belfast

20/03/12 Carr Primary School Raises Funds for St. Vincent Fairtrade Banana Farmers

06/03/12 Fairtrade Motion passed unopposed at Stormont Parliament

05/03/12 Fairtrade Fortnight 2012 Celebrated at Stormont Parliament

28/02/12 Irish President Hosts Fairtrade Delegation with SVG Representation

27/02/12 Queen’s University “Step Out” for a Fairtrade Cuppa

13/02/12 Belfast’s dual Fairtrade City status renewed

10/02/12 Andrews Memorial Primary School Technology Challenge

04/02/12 Caribbean & African Chamber of Commerce launched at Stormont Parliament

14/12/11 SVG Consul Presents Gift to Commonwealth Secretary General

02/12/11 Carr Primary School Studies Fairtrade Bananas

27/10/11 Prime Minister Gonsalves’ Independence Day Message

24/10/11 US Secretary of State Sends SVG Independence Day Greetings

21/10/11 Belfast Aviators & Jets 2011 Softball Awards

17/10/11 Minister Presents SVG Consul with Fairtrade Award

09/09/11 SVG Consul Opens Somalia Relief Concert

18/07/11 Deputy Prime Minister Disburses Funds to Special Needs Schools

22/06/11 SVG Consul Meets HRH The Duke of York at Hillsborough Castle

18/06/11 Egyptian Society Dinner at Hillsborough Castle

14/06/11 Consular Association Dinner with European Commission and OFMdFM Officials

21/05/11 SVG Consul Receives Award at Stormont Parliament

21/05/11 Kenyan High Commissioner Visits Belfast

09/05/11 Northern Ireland Church Raises Funds for the Caribbean

27/04/11 SVG Prime Minister Gonsalves Speaks to Diaspora in High Wycombe

20/03/11 Caribbean Fairtrade Bananas Fuel 2011 Santa Cycle

18/03/11 SVG Foreign Minister Addresses Vincentian Diaspora in the UK

14/03/11 SVG Consul Addresses Cross-Border Multicultural Event in Ireland

13/03/11 Chilean Fairtrade Blueberry Producer Visits Belfast

03/03/11 Andrews Memorial Primary Hosts African Fairtrade Coffee Producer

01/03/11 Fairtrade Fortnight 2011 Launched at Stormont Parliament

01/03/11 SVG Welcomes New Netherlands Ambassador

24/01/11 Prime Minister Gonsalves Delivers 2011 Budget

07/01/11 United Nation’s International Year for People of African Descent

19/12/10 New Cabinet in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

08/12/10 SVG Receives Sporting Equipment from Girl Guiding Association Northern Ireland

17/11/10 Consular Association of Northern Ireland Dinner at Stormont

14/11/10 SVG Election Bell Rings

01/11/10 Hurricane Tomas Appeal

30/10/10 Caribbean National Heroes and Independence Celebrations in Northern Ireland

27/10/10 Prime Minister Gonsalves’ Independence Day Message

26/10/10 Fairtrade Belfast 2010 Business Award Winners

26/10/10 Royal Navy HMS Manchester Arrives in SVG for Independence Day

26/10/10 US Secretary of State Congratulates SVG on Independence

30/09/10 New Cuban Ambassador Presents Credentials

22/09/10 CA-NI Hosts Electoral Office

14/09/10 Cuban Ambassador Finishes Posting in SVG

10/09/10 Royal Navy Recruitment in St. Vincent

06/09/10 New Taiwanese Ambassador Arrives in SVG

10/08/10 Ambassador Lee Departs SVG

01/08/10 Prime Minister Gonsalves Addresses Diaspora in Reading

08/07/10 Dr Cyrus Receives Graduate of the Year from Queen's Belfast

21/06/10 CA-NI Hosts Co-operation Ireland

17/05/10 Belfast to Celebrate African Caribbean Culture

07/05/10 CIPFA Chairs’ Forum Briefing by Consular Association of Northern Ireland Secretariat

29/03/10 Northern Ireland Office Briefs Consular Association of Northern Ireland

24/03/10 SVG Placed on OECD White List

17/03/10 Kenyan Delegation Visits Belfast

22/02/10 Fairtrade Stormont Event Focuses on African, Caribbean and Pacific Producers

19/02/10 Protocol Workshop

10/02/10 French Ambassador Presents Credentials

03/02/10 Israel’s Ambassador–Designate Visits SVG

20/01/10 Fairtrade Conference Aimed at African, Caribbean and Pacific States

20/01/10 Vincentians in the Diaspora Rally for Haiti

19/01/10 Brazil’s Ambassador Begins Tour of Duty

18/01/10 Ministry of Trade to Host Services Sector Workshop

11/01/10 Prime Minister Gonsalves’ 2010 New Year’s Address

11/01/10 African-Caribbean Diaspora Launch Strategy at Stormont Parliament
10/12/09 H.E. Kamalesh Sharma New Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast

27/10/09 Prime Minister Gonsalves’ Independence Day Message

14/09/09 Belfast Aviators win Ulster League Title

14/08/09 Pirates of the Caribbean and other Tall Ships visit Belfast

13/08/09 SVG Foreign Minister Disburses Funds to Students

08/07/09 Argyle International Airport Contributory Fund

03/06/09 SVG Consul Meets HRH The Princess Royal

20/05/09 Consular Association Launched at Stormont Parliament

30/04/09 MV Logos Hope Ministry Plans its Caribbean Voyage

16/04/09 US Congressional Team Visits

14/04/09 Owia Fisheries Centre Opens

27/03/09 Belfast to Celebrate Polish Culture

09/03/09 Commonwealth Day 2009 at Stormont Parliament

03/03/09 Fairtrade Celebrated at Stormont Parliament

27/02/09 SVG Ranked Number One in the World for Construction Permits

26/02/09 Caribbean Fairtrade Banana Producer Visits Northern Ireland

04/02/09 High Commissioner Meets Nationals in Birmingham

13/01/09 SVG Prime Minister Heads OECS Delegation

22/12/08 SVG High Commissioner Visits Elderly Vincentians

19/12/08 Andrews Memorial Primary School/SVG Fund

24/11/08 IV Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championship 2008

21/11/08 SVG/CUBA Joint Commission

14/11/08 SVG Children in Need and Donations

12/08/08 Prime Minister Gonsalves Clears Way for Argyle International Airport

03/07/08 First Group of Vincentian Army Recruits Arrive in the UK

16/06/08 Minister Thompson Speaks to Vincentians in London

26/05/08 Farm Bill Includes Vital Trade Benefits for Caribbean

14/05/08 SVG Receives Donation of Sporting Equipment

09/05/08 SVG Bids Farewell to Taiwan Ambassador

09/05/08 WTO Workshop in SVG

06/05/08 EPA Seminar

18/04/08 Prime Minister Gonsalves Speaks to Nationals in High Wycombe

20/02/08 Ministry Disburses Funds

28/01/08 Ambassador Diaz

22/01/08 Caricom Competition Commission


Ministry of Tourism News Releases

07/2015 SVG Nominated for “Cruising Ground Category” in Sailing Today

05/2015 Vincy Mas 2015

11/2013 SVG Tourism Authority Driving Country as Diving Destination

11/2013 First Cruise Ship for 2013 Season Visits St Vincent

6-7/2013 Vincy Mas 2013

03/2013 SVG – Gold Winner at Travel Marketing Awards 2013

11/2012 SVG Cruise Ship Calls To Rise for 2012-2013

10/2012 Airlines Flying Into Argyle International to be Announced Mid 2013

07/2012 Mustique Airways New Service to Petit St. Vincent

6-7/2012 Vincy Mas 2012

05/2012 72.5% of Earthworks Completed at Argyle International Airport

05/2012 SVG Tourism in the Spotlight Again

09/2011 Agreement to Protect St. Vincent Parrot

09/2011 SVG Receives Travel & Leisure World's Best Awards 2011

07/2011 Mustique Company Launches St. Lucia - Mustique Flights

6-7/2011 Vincy Mas 2K11

05/2011 St. Vincent Brewery Installs First Waste Water Plant

05/2011 Fort Duvernette Officially Re-Opens

02/2011 SVG Number 2 for Top 10 Cinematic Beaches in the World

01/2011 Villa Beach Boardwalk Completed

11/2010 Gold & Silver Awards for SVG

10/2010 Fort Duvernette Rehabilitation Project

08/2010 Buccament Bay Soft Opening

08/2010 Fast Ferry Service Begins

6-7/2010 Vincy Mas 2010

06/2010 SVG Air Commences St. Lucia to St. Vincent Route

03/2010 Buccament Bay to Open July 2010

03/2010 Bequia Prepares for Easter Regatta 2010

02/2010 SVG Hotel Association Launches Updated Website

01/2010 Argyle International Airport Project Website Launched

01/2010 SVG Rated Top Tourism Destination

11/2009 Layou Petroglyphs Tourism Site

11/2009 Owia Salt Pond Project Opens

11/2009 Mayreau listed “50 Places of a Lifetime”

07/2009 Buccament Bay Update and Tourism Projects Launched in the UK

6-7/2009 Vincy Mas 2009

04/2009 OECS Tourism Ministers to Meet in St. Vincent

02/2009 LIAT Extends Network to Canouan

02/2009 Canouan Featured in 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

01/2009 Mustique 14th Annual Blues Festival 2009

11/2008 SVG – Best Honeymoon Island of the Year 2008

11/2008 Tourism Week 2008

6-7/2008 Vincy Mas 2008

05/2008 New Jetport for Canouan

05/2008 SVG Hotel Awards

03/2008 Easter Events

02/2008 Buccament Bay Beach Resort

02/2008 Hotel Updates

11/2007 Tourism Development Projects (TDP)





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